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Fairy Door Locket Necklace

Little doors open to expose a picture of your beloved or
darling child. Symbolic "key" dangles alongside. Try a sepia
printed photo for added vintage goodness.

20 inch chain, magnets hold doors closed.

Fairy Door Locket Necklace ea......19.95
lace cuffs

Romantic Lace Cuffs

Return to an age of Edwardian loveliness with our
elastic-wristlet cuffs. Perfect under jackets and sweaters.  

Set of two cuffs in antique white, as shown. One size fits most.

Romantic Lace Cuffs, 1 pair.....19.95
All sizes are given for items. Please, make sure that the item is the size that you need
before ordering.
ribbon and filagree bracelet

Lace & Filigree Bracelet Ring

The romance (and, perhaps, a touch of medieval gothicness)
continues with this elegant pairing of bracelet and ring. You'll
feel magical just wearing this adornment whilst penning a
fabulous poem or letter, painting, or typing at the office.

Black lace, metal, and adjustable ring. 8 inches overall

Lace & Filigree Bracelet Ring ea......14.95
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